Things you need to know before sending any broadcast

To avoid your broadcasts from been canceled or terminated and in other for it to be delivered, before you send a broadcast, read this….

Things you need to know about video broadcasts

Instagram only supports JPEG images, any other kind of image will not work and will result in your broadcasts been canceled. 

You can however, convert your unsupported images to supported format here

When sending a broadcast via the broadcast option menu, you can only send a video broadcast to a mulitple facebook lists and accounts at the same.

You cannnot send a video broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time, however, you can do so with image broadcast.

While you can send a video broadcast to twitter list via the broadcast option, but not to more than one twitter list.

Note: you cannot send video broadcast to more than one twitter list of different accounts at the same time using the broadcast option.

Instagram select option from the list of connected social media networks when using the broadcast option  is removed becuase instagram image and video requirements are different from those of facebook and twitter.

Instagram broadcast can only be sent via the instagram list option.




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