Socisend bug fixes, new features, masterclass release

We’re constantly improving Socisend and taking care of small issues and annoyances that we find (or you send us!). We wanted to start telling you about these fixes, so from now on I’ll update you every few months about the bug fixes, new features and integrations .

Here are few updates you should know

(1)  We have released the first video series of the masterclass training
(2)  We have improved the performance of broadcasts and have added new features to broadcasts

such as:

– View delivery report button:
This is show you all informations about the broadcast you just sent such as those who have recieved and clicked on the broadcast as well as errors if any and the social media accounts that are connected to this broadcast

-Edit broadcast button :  This will enable you to modify a broadcast

-Resend broadcast button:  This will enable you resend a broadcast that is canceled by admin after fixing the reported issue.

(3) We have added a new module called Email Tracker which when turned on will enable you capture the email addresses of everyone that clicks on the Call to action buttons (CTA) of a sent broadcast.

(4)  Uploaded new in depth tutorial videos

(5) Knowledge base has been released 

(6) Issues with instagram logins has been fixed.

(7) The Find lost leads and messenger post features under lead magnet has been removed. We have been working on a new product called Socibot which will perfectly handle this aspects.

It’s a product that will enable you manage all your ads posts on facebook and instagram, engage anyone that have commented on your ads posts, auto send message to anyone that comment or like your ads and automatically add them to a list that you can broadcast to and much more

However, on the release of this great product called Socibot, you will be given automatic access to its’ FE and discount access to it’s OTOs. More details will be released on this soon.



We are actively working on integrating linkedin and whatsapp messaging automations.

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