Understanding facebook private reply and it’s effect on broadcasts

When facebook first released the private reply feature, it enable people to optin facebook users who comment on their posts into messenger.
Opting a user into messenger is very important as it enable you to retain that user as a lead and establish a communication link between you and that user via broadcasts.
Overtime people complain of receiving unwanted messages in their inbox and facebook has to introduce a new law which requires that although a person is opted into your messenger, if the person has not messaged you, you cannot send broadcast to that person.
NOTE: As of before August, 2019, the private reply feature does not require a user to message you before opting them into messenger.
It simply requires a user to comment on your post but with this new facebook policy, a user must converse with you before you can broadcast to that user even though the user has already been opted into your messenger list.
This means that 99% of your messenger contacts you have gotten on facebook through manyChat and many others using private  reply technique cannot be broadcasted to anymore.
If you do send them a broadcast, you will receive this error
“ (#551) This person isn’t available right now “.
Challenges with SOCISEND.
Socisend is designed to enable you to broadcast to your messenger contacts. It scans your facebook pages for these contacts and enable you to broadcast to them.
Socisend faces problem when it realise the person to be broadcasted is affected by this new facebook policy that is aim to protect facebook users from spamming and it skip sending this broadcast to this affected user.
Introducing Socibot
With Socibot, you can create a funnel that will enable you to engage this sets of persons that cannot be broadcasted to and convert them into audience that you can broadcast to.


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