Comparison between Plain text private reply and CTA private reply

In my previous article, 2020 facebook private reply update that will skyrocket your conversion, I talked about the improvements facebook made to private replies moving away from the old plain text private reply to a CTA oriented private reply which will enable businesses to send images, templates and quick replies as part of the message they send in response to a post or comment on their Page.

In this article, I will be looking at the importance of CTA private reply and how it better the Old plain text private reply.

The following reasons are why you need to start using CTA private reply 

(1) They eliminate confusion and  make it crystar clear to your prospective facebook customers and visitors to take the appropriate next step which may be visit a certain web page or book a call or read a specific article.

(2) They allow facebook users  that comment on your ads posts or organic posts to become paying customers.

(3) They grow your audience and increase sales.
They serve as a leverage point for your needs as a business. Whatever is most important to you at the time can become a call-to-action. When your comments includes a CTA, it becomes a powerful piece of your marketing machine.


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